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Self-promotion (as opposed to promoting my work) being rarely on my mind, I’ve utterly left off the blog my several conference and media appearances over the last couple years, all of which are conlang-related.  At a friend’s suggestion, I’ll rectify that.

In July 2007, I spoke at the Second Language Creation Conference at UC Berkeley, which was my first physical public outing and the first live presentation I’d given in years (save those made to record label suits behind closed doors).  I returned to speak again at the Third Language Creation Conference at Brown University this past March.  The conference sites (with pictures) can be seen here:

I’m fairly conspicuous in all the photos I appear in; I’m the large, sasquatch-like guy in green or black (at Brown, you’ll usually see me in my fedora, which I don’t often wear).  You can view video of my conference presentations on the site.  (The one aspect of my appearance that gets commented on the most is my size–not horizontal, because that’d be un-PC; but rather vertical.  For the record, based on a recent doctor’s visit, I’m 6’3 1/2″ in socks, and about 6’4″ in shoes; I once stood next to Chi McBride and didn’t feel small, which is a good feeling; but it makes airplane cabins tough to negotiate.  Just ask Lila Sadkin—on the Berkeley-to-Denver flight, she saw me bang my head several times on the cabin ceiling, while she gracefully swept through without even the merest threat of a roof encounter.  Physical size perhaps once had great survival advantage in our past, but these days it’s the biological equivalent of a trophy wife.)

I also appear in Arika Okrent’s IN THE LAND OF INVENTED LANGUAGES, which you can purchase here:

The book is getting great reviews in a broad section of the media, and it’s doing well; if conlangs are your game (or one of your games), I highly recommend it.  I appear in the book alongside the famous John Quijada and Donald Boozer.  I’m very honored (flattered, really) to have been included.

There’s also an interview with me forthcoming from the LCS (check their website:, done by David Peterson, whom I met at the conferences.


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