Revised Schedule

The hard deadline for the completion of THE SPIRIT-WEAVER has changed; it’s been moved back to December, 31, 2009.  The reason for this is simple: money.  Originally, I believed I could devote myself entirely to the book for 12-13 months, living off what I had in the bank, and doing virtually no recording work.  Marty, my business partner, would run the studio.  But I discovered around last Thanksgiving that this just wasn’t going to work; cash never lasts as long as you think (or hope) it will, and by December I was back doing recording projects again, splitting my time between the book and the studio.  Since December, I’ve done about 12 weeks of recording work, 1-3 week projects at a time; I figure I will have to maintain this balance for the rest of the year, and thus the new hard deadline for the book is December 31.  I’ve made tremendous progress since I began last July; the end is in sight.  But I work very slowly; I envy writers like Michael Crichton who can turn out a book in 4-6 weeks, but that’s not me.  THE SPIRIT-WEAVER, I dare say, is more complicated and detailed than anything Crichton ever wrote; he couldn’t have written this book, as I’m writing it, in a short amount of time.  But the end product will be well worth it; I’ve been working on this thing for a long time, and I have no intention of giving it anything but my best.  It has to have all the power and majesty I know it can have; it has to be something I didn’t know I had in me–and it’s shaping up to be that, a story I don’t think I’ll ever duplicate.

Anyway, just letting my blog readers know the situation.  Bear with me.


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