An Anniversary of Sorts

Six years ago, on October 2, 2002, I made a re-commitment to see the Daszeria project through, including THE SPIRIT-WEAVER.  I’d shelved the whole thing some four years earlier, while in college, and the boxes and disks that contained all the work had traveled around with me as I’d moved to various places, during and after college, untouched and collecting dust.  I’d begun the whole thing in my last two years of high school, and had worked on it as much as I could after that, in my first college years; but as things got more hectic and fast-paced there, I turned to it less and less.  In 1997, I also began a novel unconnected to it, and by late 1998 was deep into writing it; so Daszeria was put on the shelf.  It wasn’t until I was out of college and Angband was established and on firm footing that I began thinking about Daszeria again.  I was laying on the floor of my living room, in front of a space-heater (as I like to do in cold weather), when I started daydreaming about it (or night-dreaming, since it was past dark); and I grabbed some paper and a pen and began writing down new ideas.  I was a different person from who’d I’d been four years earlier, and suddenly I was filled with ideas for Daszeria’s revision and expansion.  I also made a list of all the stuff I’d need to do to shape all the material into a coherent whole; and I dated it: October 2, 2002. I found that list while going through my Daszeria boxes back in July, and grinned at it.

About a month later, in November of 2002, I joined the Zompist Bulletin Board, or ZBB, which has been my main home online these past six years.  The people there have been privy to parts of Daszeria’s growth since I re-committed to the project, but many have consistently asked for more.  But I’ve never been comfortable posting incomplete ideas or first drafts, so they’ve mostly seen the completed stuff–which, sad to say, has been sparse.  Back in late 02, I imagined I’d have everything done and THE SPIRIT-WEAVER finished by mid-2004, at the latest; but I severely underestimated the amount of work to be done, and I could only work a few hours at a time, here and there, when I wasn’t involved in recording.  When 2004 had come and gone, I knew I’d never get this thing done unless I could dedicate myself to it, totally, for at least a year; but taking a year off work requires money, and at that point I started squirreling some cash back for that year-long sabbatical.  By July of this year, I was ready, both financially and personally; and I haven’t looked back since.

It’s amazing how much I’ve gotten done these past three months; more than in the previous three years combined.  The languages are nearing their final forms, at long last; I anticipate being able to make use of the vast “Central Mountain” article (mentioned in an earlier entry) that describes them in my presentation at the Third Language Creation Conference early next year (tentatively set to be held at Brown in Providence).  The new maps are taking shape; and I’ve been sorting notes and developing the new master outline for THE SPIRIT-WEAVER.  SONGS FROM THE EARTH, the mythology of Daszeria that tells of the fight to reclaim the Earth from Kamoashka and the dark ice age he brings upon it, is in need of very little revision; it’s long been a fixed tradition and the background to everything else Daszeria-related I’ve done.  I anticipate using a bit of SONGS in THE SPIRIT-WEAVER, to vet the feeling of depth and explain references made to past events; I aim to try to work in parts of two long poems in iambic pentameter called “The Lust of Yoashan” and “The Vengeance of Kamoashka,” which detail the accidental creation of Kamoashka and his revenge after returning to Earth from exile, respectively. If they fit, that is; if not, they’ll be passed over silently, or perhaps with a quick reference or two.


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